Olivia Paterson

English Voiceover

I am a calm, friendly English voiceover with 15 years experience and a choice of two studios to work from – my own studio or the bigger facility at Read-On. Either way you can direct by Skype or phone if you wish, or just send me a script with directions and I’ll do the rest.

I am very experienced with medical and scientific texts, and equally at home with travelogues and children’s stories.

I work to a standard rate card – just let me know how many words and how it will be used.

Take a listen to the brief sample reel here, or pop over to Read-On for more voice samples from me and the other English voiceovers in our stable. The studio there has more complex facilities with multiple clean feeds and codecs for international links, and also has a selection of young voices available on request.


Contact Me: